A Thought!!!

It’s always said “Never Look Back”,”Never Give Up”,”Always Smile No Matter How Bad Phase It Is”,”Always Help People, no matter what”…

BUT if I will not look back how will I get to know what all I Missed or failed to achieve due to my weaknesses… What if, if I will not give up , will I ever realize the pain of loosing something?? If I will always smile and not bother then how will I know my “INNER STRENGTH” to fight back and Stand again… Last but not the least, if I will always help people how will I know,’when they are not helped by me’ then how they gonna treat “ME” 🤔🤔🤔

So we should always face the ODD PHASES OF LIFE, then only we can Grow Better and Say to ourselves “I AM WHAT I AM and THIS IS WHERE NOTHING CAN BREAK ME MORE”!!!

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