Pay Respect when someone Greets you!!!


Today during my break time, one companion came to me and asked one question. It was, “have you ever intentionally ignored someone’s greeting? Or does it happened with you and how does it feel? Is it wrong to wish someone??? I know we should not expect but at-least wish(s) should not be ignored like this”…

I was mum for a while and started to recall such moments if ever happened with me or from my end. To be honest, yes I have ignored and also being ignored. It brings bad aura when our wishes are not accounted. It made me think, the way I felt bad at those times, similar way other person does when I intentionally ignored their greetings and same is the case with many of us. At times there are reasons for ignoring but not every time, it is excuses if it is happening all the time.

Friends we should eternally try to greet back. Be it a morning, noon or night wish or a birthday wish, even if it’s about wishing someone a luck for their new journey, we should respect it back. Wishes hold strong essence in their own ways. Whenever we greet each other in the morning with a smile, we exchange positive energy. When we wish someone on their birthday, it brings joy and happiness. Any way to wish anyone is a sign of care. So, how can they harm us? Or does it cost anything while replying back to those greetings? Or is it wrong to make someone’s day by replying them (because we don’t care for them the way they care for us)??? Remember we are also the one who greet others…

Let’s try from start and make sure to greet back if someone is wishing something. Pay that respect because by ignoring we are showing what we are, not what we make them feel like. Recall the phrase “what goes around comes around”… So just feel special and make them feel special too!!!

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