Secret Admirer – Can never be a stress!!!


Yes guys, you read it correct… Many of us don’t take our admirers as just admirers, we take them to different levels and there begins a problem, tension which we term as STRESS!!!

We all have that one person in our life who cares for us without our Knowledge. Admiring someone is never wrong. We all have our secret admirer(s) whom we admire for different reasons and there is no defined age to have the one. I have often seen some people complaining about their thought process for their secret admirer(s) because they expect something similar in turn. Now answer me something, if we are calling it secret admirer, it is obvious that person is unaware of the fact that how you feel or why you admire him or her? Secondly, if you admire someone, why do you have to expect anything out of that person? and in case you are expecting something then you are being selfish, you are admiring someone because of your selfish motive. Some say, I haven fallen in love with my secret admirer to a level that it becomes frustrating at times… Dude, if you love them then simply walk to them and talk, why keep them secret admirer? Why do we have to complicate things for ourselves? Are we so free to do so??? Do we really understand the real meaning of admirer??? I think NO.

Admiring someone means, we really like something in that person and we admire it and wish to be like it or learn from it… Like, we admire some teachers because the way they teach is commendable, extraordinary or very ordinary. But we respect their work and effort because it helped us some or other way and we wish to follow them or be like them… Another example is admiring someone unknown, because of their personality and their success story. We follow them , we try and understand the journey they passed with struggles… We may admire some famous personality because of their work for nation, public and so on… Or we may learn and admire from the one who is working on road sides, fighting for everyday food but do not give up… We don’t expect anything in turn from them, rather we learn from their stories and become more enthusiastic or eager to move ahead towards our goal. Then why my friends most of us confuse these admirers with lovers or attractions or expectations??? Stop fooling around. If it goes to any other level, don’t name them as secret admirer, rather find solution to it and solve it…

It’s good to have secret admirers as they are always the reason of your success story, they are reason of our joy and achievements in some or other way… They secretly tell us not to fall , no matter what the situation is… So enjoy having as many secret admirers you want but remember they are source of smile not Stress!!!



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