Wise action will follow wise thoughts ✍️✍️✍️

“A wise thought is to know that God or Infinite intelligence is guiding you now, and that He knows the answer, therefore, you affirm boldly you know the answer”

Yes friends, there are many situations in life for which we know the answers but how to know it or get it from within or Supreme??? By praying… It is true that certain people don’t believe in God, they are above all this and believe Supreme lord is nothing for them. While others truly believe in them and knows he exists… But there are again many definitions of god and his powers but we are not here for it.. What we need to understand is how to use prayer techniques to have answers and make it Key of our morning and Lock of night!!!

Someone from my relatives shared their personal incident and how prayers worked for them and removed layer of those curtain which were stopping them to find answers… Few years back my Aunty’s daughter faced some health issues and when she discussed they all could make it’s general headaches and some sort of weakness in body due to which she faced problem in concentrating. They went for routine check-up and once all test were done by doctor, all were surprised by results. No body expected them, as there was no such history in family. Even girl was shocked and was not ready to believe and claimed for retests…They took second opinion and few tests were redone but all in vain 😟😟😟 I won’t disclose the name of problem here but yes it was serious. Without any third thought they started with treatment and with treatment condition was more worst which was never before. Few doctors were changed but they all said same, that she needs extra care, do not leave her alone ever, she may never be able to drive or walk for long etc etc etc… Girl was still not convinced as something was constantly telling her inside that it is not for her. Days passed and finally they got the right medicine to cure that problem. One day that girl went to Temple and asked God, is it that she doesn’t believe so much in him and this all happened to her??? Or is there something which she did wrong and paying for it??? But obviously no answers to it … For somedays she disconnected herself from people who were discouraging her after knowing about her problem…

One fine morning, she woke up and asked her mother not to prepare breakfast for her as she wouldn’t eat until she offer prayer and she will continue like this for 40 days… And also added I know this is not for me, it’s crap, I will prove that these reports are just papers and nothing else!!! 40 days passed and another 40 days begin and like this it took a year and one day out of blue she started feeling more worsen with those medicines… All testes were redone and there was nothing and by God’s grace she was in different city at that time and came across one of the top surgeon of that field and he saw all her records and confirmed it was just a headache issue which is called Migrane… But with one report , doctors claimed it as “xxxxx” , rather he said few more tests were needed to confirm it… 

During this one year, in her prayers she never asked questions, she just prayed and tried hard to focus on whatever is written in Gurbani. With this her aura was cleaned day by day, she got strength and seeing her back to normal her mother started the same practice… She just said everyday one thing to God, try me but I know it’s not for me… With time she got answers and she realized how our thoughts affect us. She could understand the power of prayer and value it even more.. When doctors said No, Almighty said Yes as she believed in herself and never gave up 😊😊🙏🙏

So friends, it not how long you pray, or where you pray , it’s just about how truly you pray… Don’t pray to ask fancy things, rather be thankful for everything. Sometimes thank you as a prayer does alot 🙏🙏🙏 If he is testing you, it means he is telling you and making you realize you own worth and strength of fighting… Pray and see the wonders 😊😊😊

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