Sometimes ‘LATER’ becomes “NEVER’!!!

Even Google knows where magic begins!!!


Friends, this is another root cause of stressful life. We all wish to have the comfort zone in our most of the activities in life and once we are in it, we feel like kings or queens of that zone. We believe in a false believe that we are always stress-free being in comfort zone. No my readers, being in comfort is amazing till a point not after that. Now the question is how to identify that point??? I would like to share one experience here.

Few days back I went for some event and there I met one mid-aged Lady. We met by chance, coincidentally her name is same as mine. So, someone called by name and we both turned and said yes. That call was for that Lady…Once she finished talking to that person, she came back to me and we greeted each other. We started talking in general and discussed about our professions and hobbies and so on. So, the moment I told her about my writing activity, she asked me if she can have a look on them. Afterwards, she gave me few topics to talk over and spread a word. At that point, we started talking about comfort zones and she shared her experience.

Well, she started with her business at age of 27 with one of her friend. It was business of jewelry and she always wanted to have her own business. Once her friend came up with the idea and she agreed instantly as she was really excited to start her own business. They did pretty well for consecutive 5 years. Later she wasn’t so comfortable in that business there wasn’t any loss, no clashes, no ‘J’ factor but still she was distracted from things. That zeal went down day by day and she couldn’t understand. She shared with her friend the same and she suggested to go on vacation for some days. She did that, she enjoyed and when came back, after few days again she felt the same. She went to counselor to discuss her problem and with multiple sessions with him, she concluded what was her actual interest area. She always loved cooking and during her college days she won many awards in cooking competitions. She also won best Indian cook, during her stay at London for 6 months. But she never thought of this area, she just followed her friend’s idea. This all took approx. 7 years and after that she started her own business and she owns her own restaurant overseas.

What you think she wasted 7 years??? No, not completely, because she learned from that business marketing strategies, dealing with customers, managing other day-to-day activities but loosing point was, first, she took instant decision without giving second thought… Second, she was so occupied and comfortable that she couldn’t realize that what she is missing, as she left cooking in between and hired cook for herself. With time, that frustration aroused because she left her core interest area… You know why she was so happy initial years, as she was enjoying more because her interest area was not left behind. So, more of comfort zone she built for herself. Later when all that happened, she took time to understand because of comfort zone.

So, friends it’s not bad to be in comfort zone, but we should know when to step in and when to step out. Else we may also waste our precious time in understanding what we want or why are we not happy with something or other. We all are so much habitual with these comforts, even after knowing, we are not working on it. We are delaying things and ultimately we suffer and then we start thinking, now our time is gone and all that Bla Bla Bla!!! There is no age bar to fulfill your dreams, it’s just we need to know the real us. Anytime you feel any discomfort, sit alone and talk to yourself first and try to understand the whole situation. If not clear, talk to someone dearer who always guided you in your ups and downs. But do not sit back and wait for time to do something for you. If you can’t value time and realize worth of ‘Being out of comfort zone at right time’, then nothing can stand by your side…Welcome the magic and say bye-bye to this stress!!!


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