Fall in love with yourself!!!

love urself.jpg

“Loving yourself isn’t Vanity, it’s Sanity”…

We all feel fancy when we say LOVE… It can be love for anyone in anyway but have we ever asked ourselves is it really love? 80% of us still don’t know what really love is. Most of us say we love something or someone but sooner or later it ends. Why? Do you really think love ends? Or love really exists this way? If something really ends, it is not love but affection or attraction.

There is no exact definition of love, it can only be felt and there is very easy way to understand that feeling. Need to do is love yourself first. Fall in love with ‘YOU’, love every bit of you. Be grateful of what you are. Look finest in your own ways, pamper yourself, dress up the way you want to, devote maximum free time to yourself, dance to the tune of your choice and don’t be jealous of anyone. Develop that confidence in you, every day tell yourself how lucky you are…Value your decisions, aim to keep your inner soul happy and in peace…The day you will start achieving any of these, then see the magic begins and that will be the moment of truth to self because you will be above all those hurts, pains or stress of life where you feel defeated or taken away…The day we will learn to love ourselves, we will respect people, relations, take care of our acts and would spread word of LOVE to our surroundings!!!

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