Emotional Stress 😒😒

We all undergo emotional stress but we merely realize what it can do… Just recall any one moment where you suffered from emotional suffering and what it did to you???

Recently my closest buddy was going through one of the toughest phase of her life. It impacted her so badly that she couldn’t think what is right or wrong, which was obvious… Many things happened during that journey of her life and by God’s grace we friends somehow took her out of that moment. But during that entire struggle, her ability to fight for self was dead… No power to say that, ” stop it girl, it’s not you, Let it be” and when she became normal she herself realized what all she missed and how it affected her physical health and decision power…

Guys I know we all face so many situations in life, but worst part is even after knowing all, we hardly try… And we tend to make wrong decisions out of anger or frustration or deliberately to prove us right and so on… Why??? Do we really need to ??? Just today test this remedy and find out what all you could have done but unfortunately you couldn’t 🤔🤔🤔

Once you will find out even one genuine answer with no self explanations or excuses, you will get the strength and I am sure it will make you careful and stronger to tackle your emotional level!!! Stay Blessed 🙏🙏

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