Let it go!!!

Hello Friends,

Today I met one stranger during my evening walk… He was playing with his friend and accidentally football hit me hard and I was surprised more than being hurt because they were playing for fun as they were into some discussion. I could notice that as it was my 2nd round when this happened… They immediately rushed to me to apologize and make sure if I was alright. I couldn’t walk well though but I made sure all is well 😊😊 Then that guy who kicked ball hard, apologized again saying that he kicked that ball out of anger over something. Instantly I replied I could make it and he was little shocked with my reply. Then I told him I could hear some kind of debate between  you two @ time of my 1st round and you both were loud enough that others could hear…

He was more upset by this as he couldn’t control his anger and it resulted like this. He continued and told me that there was something in his life which he badly wanted and was trying to chase from last 2 years but never got positive result. It was clear to him but still he kept trying and finally the day came which worsen the situation and it completely closed the doors of opportunity…

I asked him questions related to him like in these 2 years did he ever went for clubbing, vacations, discovered new qualities about himself or ever helped others out of the box??? He was silent for few seconds and then answered, I almost did all those things but always carried that expectations even after knowing it won’t turn out for me. I understood his situation which is common with all of us i.e. too much of expectations… 

Friends, whatever I suggested him would recommend you all, sometimes it’s good to hold expectations but learn to surprise yourself … Holding on to something where you know there are less chances of luck, leave it. Let it go, let it go, let it go… Adapt this mantra πŸ™πŸ™ Learn the art of accepting Surprises as life is far more beautiful than what we think… Do not stress yourself by holding on to something… Just let it be, “If it is meant to be it will otherwise too it was never yours”… Cheers πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚

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