Fear may drive you away from your ambitions!!!


Today I met someone who was just sitting next to me… The moment we greeted each other, I saw her tensed over something. I passed a smile and just observed her body language for few minutes. She was mumming something and then I took an opportunity to initiate the conversation. I asked her with a pleasing tone is everything ok today? She smiled and said I am very nervous and scared because I have my assessment today… For few seconds I was freeze as I went to that phase of my life from where I started my professional journey. I was under the same state as her. Then she continued and told me about her experience during assessments and otherwsie.

Since she had time for her assessment to begin, I asked her few questions like strategy to understand the requirement, time management, concentration power, comparison and so on… I realized that she is so much stressed that she was almost cold. I was worried for her so I thought of sharing my personal experience with her to make her feel relaxed that she is not alone who is suffering from this fear…I shared about how I use to feel during my valuation days and there were times where I couldn’t gather the courage to even share my hardships with anyone at that point of time.  Perhaps my fear started to haunt me and I was unable to coup up with things. Then within few days when I made good friends at my workplace, I shared my problem with them. One out of them explained me just one thing, “If you think this is not your cup of tea, why can’t you accept it as a challenge and evaluate yourself” and I really liked what he said… We all know how to tackle situations but sometimes we need a push and he gave me that push. “I will always be grateful to his advice, thanks buddy”…

Later, I just explained her the consequences and asked her not to jump to any conclusion, as to reach to any solution you need to have experience of that thing. But in your case it’s just a start. Don’t worry about anything, just make your fear your strength but not STRESS. If you really want to prove yourself then do it first to your own, then only you can make better decisions and excel in life. Challenge your time and do friendship with your Fear and then see the Magic… She felt good and said I am feeling better…

So, guys, always tell yourself “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough”. Then no dam fear can drive you away from your amitions!!!

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