“Technology fever” is “real brother” of Stress!!!


Hello Friends,

Yeah you all read it right, perfect subject to talk on at any point of time… More interesting part about this is, we all know everything about this, but still we are not doing anything for it. So Wow thing no…

From past so many years we are using technology in some or the other form. There was a time when we use to access it like a ‘Technology’ i.e. in limited manner… We knew more about surroundings, beauty of nature, humans, each others needs,  how to stay fit… No doubt Tech made things very convenient for us, like it helped us to connect to each other in enormous ways… Yet we knew how to best utilize it in given sphere… There were factors due to which people owned it less because of cost factor, availability, accessibility and so on…  But never reached to that turmoil…

Time changed and lot more inventions came at most affordable prices, easy availability, promotions, sampling , it boomed in such a manner that most of us could reach to it easily… We have cheap or almost cost-less internet services, many free channels available online, unpaid games, exciting challenges etc… There is no harm in learning or enjoying with help of Tech, but why are we forgetting about that “limited use“? Do we realize that in today’s era Tech con’s are almost equivalent to it’s pros?? Above all, our Health concerns?? Many of us can’t even survive for a minute without it… Our mind is so occupied with it due to which we are unable to think of new ideas… In-fact for new idea, we are making use of these things every-time?? Why every-time?? Where is the self power to think? Why can’t we concentrate on person who is sitting next to us, why are we ignoring our surroundings? We may miss or missed good opportunity or maybe we just ignore some occurrence where we can be of great help but we pass by the street because we are busy in something else or in other words our mind is so stressed that we are not bothered to look around?? Where are our free thoughts, that zeal to help each other, to make environment better… OUR IDEAS are buried somewhere my dears and nears… We do understand everything, can’t we control this stress? Why are we falling sick just because of it’s excess use?

I have been through this , I too faced lot of issues but I motivated my self to use this Technology fever as my strength by making healthy use of it… Though I am from IT field but in my free time also, I always used some or other mode of Tech to keep myself engaged in UNWANTED things…. But when I decided to make it my strength and not a fever anymore, I utilized that in writing my Blogs… It gives me peace, good sleep because I utilize it to spread a word of awareness and help… In similar way find out your best areas and work on it… Take stress for that and see, you will enjoy it and it won’t be stress anymore rather it will be source of happiness and peace!!!



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