Easy way to kill your everyday worries ✍️✍️✍️

Hello Friends…

Apart from those stress killing techniques’, here we have more easy way to control your worries by just thinking of now…

Let’s focus on current moment… We all get 24hrs a day and we have lot to do which can be enacted in these 24hrs… But is it happening 🤔🤔 … ‘No’, is the answer because most of the time our train of thought is associated with tomorrow or yesterday… If I ask you all to make one chart of thoughts and part them in categories like Present, Past and Future… Then maximum ratio would be for the time which has already passed by or time which is yet to come (It may never come, as no one is sure about tomorrow 😉) …  Hence, we are not going to prepare any chart else another cause of worry 😂😂 … 

We all know everything about us but still we don’t follow the rules. It is not rocket science, it’s just a trick which we need to focus upon and implement… Just make sure whatever you are thinking, first of all check it’s relevance. Let me quote it as example, let’s say one of you is going through a situation where you have plenty of thoughts… Situation is about “Marriage”… You always wanted to go for love Marriage but unfortunately your cup of tea gave flavour of arranged one… From that point itself juggling of thoughts begin. So many if’s and but’s. You start to compare with your past, if any else to your closet male friend or someone’s partner (because you are fond of them)… And out of box thinking takes you to such an extreme where you even plan your babies and their futures etc etc… Hold on my dear, let’s make it simple… 

  • First, make a checklist where you need to jort down those key points which you really think are required before you even shortlist…
  • If someone matches your checklist, then move to step two, to know that person. Plan how to begin with… 
  • Control yourself if you are too emotional, go practically… First check whatever you have marked as yes in your checklist, is it really right??
  • Like this, go step by step and then see how easy it becomes to handle situation….

Like this we have many anticipations, but there is always a way to control it and if you still think that situation is not under control then simply think of the Morning from where you started your day and then analyze how that situation has affected your day?? Are you not alive? Are you not breathing well? Are you not eating or drinking? Are you not able to speak or what??? Only impact is in mind which makes us numb… Rather we should be thankful for each moment and understand that our brainwork who is disturbing our plans… Just live for today.. We all have ground plan for future but it will take place at it’s right time… Then why worry?? 

A famous saying, “Can you do something about problem, If yes, Then WHY WORRY, If No, then Why Worry 🙂🙂”… So enjoy every moment and be thankful as you never know which moment clicks for you 😉😉🙏🙏

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