Sentiments ✍️✍️

Isn’t it true being emotional at times is good? Well, yes it is… Whenever we meet our loved ones after long time we feel cherished… It’s like a blessing which makes us more lively and be in peace. Specially when it’s parents… We enjoy every moment spent with them be it their love, care, fights (which is nothing but another form of love 😉 ) and so on… 

But when a point comes where we have to part away once again, it makes us weak or emotional… And I personally love those emotions because it brings one more reason to love them… I am sure many of you go through the same and this is the point where we tend to think alot… Like, if our parents is at old age, we worry more … We do have fears inside which brings worry… Or maybe our closest friend is suffering from some kind of health issue, we get tense… And if everything is perfect, still that affection make us weak 🤗🤗

Why do we have to worry for something which is not in our hands? Rather, we should have all the positive emotions and make them feel very special.. It is not only we are parting away, it’s two way traffic and they do have their sentiments for us… They may or may not express but language of love understands it. Remember what matters the most, that smile and peace or worry of those thoughts which are just THOUGHTS 🤔🤔🤔.. Think and answer to yourself and then see the magical smiles 😉😉

“Make every momemt as special as the relation is as it will always act like a Strength… So be that strength 🙏🙏 “

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