What Stress May do to YOU!


Very famous saying “Those who do not know how to fight with Stress, Die young” 

It may sound funny but it’s not. Uncontrolled stress leads to uncertainty and it affect’s our well-being. Let’s understand how they are correlated with each other. As discussed in my earlier Article “Stress Killing Techniques”,  worrying too much causes stress. But what causes worry, is our FEAR! Fear is precisely impacting our nervous system since fear resides within us and when brain passes signals, uneasiness begins and like this stress keeps sprouting. It may lead to anxiety, high pulsation, sleepless nights, trouble in breathing and many more. All these during the phase of stress becomes alarming.

It is the time to wake up guys and realize that all these health issues are occurring due to our stress. Instead of understanding and controlling this worry process, you start to rush to doctors and then process of medications or physicist treatment begins. Some feel better some doesn’t. Few doctors may say that problem is not easily recoverable and some may declare that this is going to be an end of your life. Simply breathe choking news… Then what, more worry, more stress and a complete Deadlock! No exit, no solution, this is what we tend to believe, isn’t it? And live our life on those terms conditions given by those doctors.

There are some people who exactly do opposite of this. Though they believe and accept that they are suffering and may not survive for long, hence they plan to enjoy their days freely by eating everything they wish to, roam wherever they want to and do all those things, which are pending in their wish list. At that point of time there comes a turning point where they start to feel better, so relaxed as if there is no problem and real reason no one realizes like how things started to get better, they may call it Miracle, yes it is. Some may name it as Almighty’s blessing, again yes, it is. But the Real reason of blessing of god or Miracle lies with in you. You know how, because the moment you celebrate your each day, your worry level decreases and nervous system responds better as mind is free from such thought.

Let’s refine the entire process by understanding that Stress is a poison, a drug which is induced in our body by our wish that ultimately leads to all dreadful outcomes and we start blaming destiny, God, people, in short never ending thought process. So whenever we know that moment of stress, why not solve our problem by those 3 Stress killing techniques??? It’s like a meditation friends. It will help you to heal and that sense of peace will be just so amazing… All we need is the power to control our mind and keep it calmer in these situations. Learn these techniques and then see another Magic begins!

“Always remind yourself of the exorbitant price you can pay for worry in terms of your health whenever there is any Stress. It is always good to have positive fear than negative because positive fear open ways to self-healing than welcoming any obstacle!”

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