Festive Moods!!!


Hello my friends…. 

It’s time to celebrate since festive week is on and we all got this festive fever… Let’s promise ourselves that if we can enjoy during these festive days then why not otherwise???

Let’s keep it simple, take a paper and pen and just write down about your happy moods and sad moods… Like, why are you happy or sad and what is the reason behind it… Best moment of that phase etc and then calculate the score… I am sure many of us will have high score of happy mood during this week time… All you need to do is just take a picture of that paper and save it in your mobile or laptop/tab, which ever you use the most. Once this week is over and you all get back to your daily routines, just notice your moods and then study your own mind… I am very certain about it that graph will vary the next week for most of the people.

So, boss you just need to open that image and check the reason of happy moods and check is it not possible to be like that without any festive season??? Do we really need reasons to be happy??? Why cant the ‘reason to be happy checklist’ says, “I don’t need any reason to be happy as I know how to balance my moods and how to handle my problems without any worries…” Wake up guys, it’s okay to be sad at times but too much of worry is not acceptable. Learn to enjoy every phase, even at your worst point of life!!!

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