Stress Killing Techniques

Whenever an unwanted situation occurs, we usually start worrying without giving any second thought. Then slowly it leads to stress and implicitly we start to term them with different names like Work stress, Health stress, Travel stress and so on… There were no such terms ever discovered by our ancient philosophers but we people who worry a lot invented them…

Do we really owe this? Are we mentally weak that we have to name them like this? Seriously people??? Can’t we just hold on and first try and understand that unwanted situation?  What is it, reason of it, if there is any solution or fix? Or is it really an unwanted situation or just a result of overthinking? But I am afraid to say, we hardly do it… We, most of the times call ourselves as an Independent Lady/Man. If we are so independent then why can’t we handle such situations in a better way? Since independent people are believed to be more practical and better in handling situations and circumstances … We have to slow down at one point and understand the whole scenario.

Let’s try out three easy steps:

  1. Whenever you feel you are in problem, first don’t name it. Just sit down and take a deep breath and then understand the situation. You have to analyze every nuke corner of it fearlessly and with honesty. Once analyzed, think of the worst that could possibly happen due to that situation. Write down all the possibilities and do it with all your power and true instincts. You need not run from yourself as this situation is with you, not with anyone else.
  2. Once analyzed, start accepting the worst. As acceptance plays key role in everything. Trust yourself and accept it wholeheartedly.

Once you will identify worst and accept it, enjoy the feeling, it will relax your head and stress starts releasing out and you will feel sense of peace within.

  1. Now it is time to implement and invest your time and energy to improve upon the worst which is already accepted by you mentally. This is time to figure out how that worst can be controlled and what all are positive measure to be taken in this scenario.

Trust me guys, once you do this practice, it will definitely get you to some solution for your stress and then see no such stress would grab you anymore.

To start this practice you may ask yourselves following questions:

  1. Do I stop living in present whenever there is any worry situation in front of me?
  2. Do I worry a lot about future seeing any odd situations or otherwise too?
  3. Whenever I get up in the morning, do I tell myself that I will make best use of these 24hrs?
  4. Am I not capable enough to try these stress skills and get rid of all types of human invented stresses?
  5. When shall I start to do this? Maybe never? .. Next Week? … Tomorrow ?? … Today ???

Answer them and try this magic with every situation. Never let your worry become so big that you have to undergo stress.

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