When it’s 11/02/YYYY 🎂💕😍

This journey somewhere started in year 1998 when we met for the very first in playing ground... I was new to Delhi those years and never has good image of Delhi girls but with you I connected instantly. Then we started the journey of beautiful friendship, leaving beind the group of other friends, we created … Continue reading When it’s 11/02/YYYY 🎂💕😍


Let’s be our own Rose 🌹🌹

Its not only when we held the rose, it's even when we think and imagine it, it brings a different smile... Its beauty itself brings those emotions, it's fragrance enlighten you... It directly touches our soul... Why can't we be a rose too? Let's today celebrate this day with ourselves more, by understanding ourselves to … Continue reading Let’s be our own Rose 🌹🌹

Can’t you live Beyond it???

Even after knowing it's not in your hands and you cannot do anything about it, you have two choices, either live with it or live beyond it... After every try, peak comes but make sure it's temporary not permanent, else it will turn into dullness and you will be no where... Let's fight over it … Continue reading Can’t you live Beyond it???

When Ur present is not good, still believe in present…

We heard many people saying and I am also one of them, who say, believe in present, live in present, but just a thought came if present itself is not beautiful enough??? But reality check remains the same , present is only thing which exists. Even if present is not good, but see the other … Continue reading When Ur present is not good, still believe in present…